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SD Manager Update Manual

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1. Introduction
This update program is only available for the PC which has been installed former SD manager. If you try to install this program without the previous SD manager version on your PC, it will not work.

2. Download files
Please download following file on your PC from the home page; [SD Manager (Ver1.31).zip]

3. Unzip the Downloaded File
Please unzip the downloaded [SD Manager (Ver1.31).zip] file, following files will be created.
1. Compare.exe
2. Read.exe
3. SD Manager.exe
4. Data (folder)
5. Help (folder)
*To unzip the downloaded file, you must have installed unzipping program on your PC.

4. Copy files
In order to upgrade SD manager, you need to overwrite old files with new files.
1. Please open the installed SD manager folder.
Default installation directory path of SD manager is following;
C:\Program Files\OMRON\SD Manager
2. Please overwrite old files, which exist in the [SD manager] folder, with new files.

5. File delete
After completing upgrading procedures, please delete downloaded zip file and unzipped files.

Download Software Now!


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