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Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Seminar

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Are you confident your machines are guarded to the relevant standards?
Have all steps been taken to prevent injuries from process equipment?
Has a documented machine guarding assessment been done to verify compliance?
If you're not sure, or the answer is no to any of these questions, then your facility can benefit from an Omron STI Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Seminar.

What is a Skill Builder?
Skill Builders are 1-day training seminars that educate your personnel on the requirements and methods of machine and process safeguarding. This helps plant personnel to identify, and sometimes correct, machine safeguarding discrepancies. Note: We do not cover Lockout/Tagout during this session.

Who Should Attend?

EH&S Personnel
Plant Maintenance
Plant Engineering
Production Managers
All Managers concerned with the safety of plant personnel

The Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder program has the most impact when the corporate EH&S Manager along with the plant-level safety people meet at one plant location. Classes are small with no more than 30 in attendance.

How Do Attendees Benefit?
Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of methods for machine safeguarding and the correct applications of guarding devices.

Your plant personnel will be trained on:

Identifying machine hazards
Machine hazard risk assessment
Machine guarding techniques and the latest safeguarding technologies
Machine guarding requirements as set by regulatory and consensus standards
Safety circuit design requirements based on risk level thru Practical application

Sign up Today!
Each Attendee will receive the following:

OSTI Engineering Guide
Copy of the Presentation
OSTI Gotcha Stick

The cost is $250 and includes Lunch and breaks. If for ANY reason you don't find the seminar to be of good value we will be happy to refund your tuition. Sign up today! Space is limited to 35 attendees per session.

Are you sending more than 3 people from your company to our seminars? If the answer is Yes, we offer a discount for the fourth attendee. Each time your company pays for 3 attendees the fourth is free. The attendees do not have to attend the same session to qualify. To register the "free" attendee simply contact Richard Harris or by phone 949-380-4199 and he will register your free attendee.

We are pleased to offer 0.6 CEU credits for all attendees that complete the session! Omron STI has not applied for IACET Authorized Provider of its Machine Safety Skill Builder Program. Omron STI may elect to apply in the future, based on the feedback of the program.

View Skill Builder locations and Reserve your space today!


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