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ACGIH - A professional international association of more than 5,000 industrial hygienists and occupational health and safety professionals working in industry, academe and government who are devoted to the administrative and technical aspects of worker health and safety. ACGIH serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas and experiences for the promotion of standards, recommendations and techniques in occupational and environmental health, hygiene and safety.

AMT - Association for Manufacturing Technology

ANSI ONLINE - American National Standards Institute

Empire Magnetics, Inc. - Stepping and Servo Motors for Positioning Applications that Demand: Sealed Units for Wet, Dusty, and Hazardous Environments; Specialty Motors for Vacuum, Radiation, and Extreme Temperature Operation; High Power Gearboxes, Encoders, and Resolvers.

Federal Agencies - Links to every Federal agency.

Federal Register - The text of the Federal Register.

ISA Directory of Instrumentation, the Comprehensive Buyers Guide of Measurement and Control Products and Services.

ISO 9000 - ISO 9000 Translated into plain English.

IBTTA - International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association

Measurement Conversions - Conversion factors for temperature, pressure, length, volume, weight, speed, area, time.

PRARS - The Public Registers Annual Report Service.

RIA ONLINE - Robotics Industry Association

Safety Related Sites:

American Society of Safety Engineers

Board of Certified Safety Professionals

British Safety Council

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Safety Training
Training resources from an industry leader:

CSA - Canadian Standards Association

Industrial Safety Equipment Association

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

National Safety Council

Order a Copy of NFPA 79


Underwriters Laborotories Inc.

Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps - Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps are ideal for a wide range of industrial pumping applications for flow rates up to 37 gpm (140 l.min) and pressures to 2500 ps (172 bar). Available in a wide range of materials of construction, Hydra-Cell pumps are suitable for the most difficult fluids.


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