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OSHA's Electronic Resources for Small Businesses

There's a lot of information on OSHA's Web site. Fortunately, there are some excellent tools on the Web site to help you find the information you need. A couple good places to start are the site index and the search function.

You can find the site index at the top of the OSHA home page and most other OSHA Web pages. The site index lists the key tools on OSHA's Web site, including eTools, Safety and Health Topics pages, and other resources. For example, if you're looking for information on OSHA's lockout/tagout standard, you can scroll through the site index to find links to OSHA's Lockout/Tagout Safety and Health Topics Page and eTool.

By using OSHA's recently enhanced search function, you can search the entire OSHA Web site or selected portions, such as OSHA standards or fact sheets. Say you're looking for information on how to comply with OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard. Just type in "bloodborne pathogens" in the search box that appears at the top of most OSHA Web pages. You'll get a list of links arranged by category, including top links, regulations, standard interpretations, eTools, directives, and publications. You can also go to the advanced search page to narrow your search. For example, if you want to find OSHA's standard interpretation letters on bloodborne pathogens, enter "bloodborne pathogens" in the search box and click on the "Interpretations" box.

Here are some other OSHA Web pages and tools that may be helpful for small businesses:

  • Small Business Page. A collection of the most popular OSHA resources for small businesses, including information on OSHA's free on-site Consultation Program and links to Web pages and publications such as the OSHA Small Business Handbook.
  • Compliance Assistance Page. A portal to resources to help employers comply with OSHA's requirements.
  • Compliance Assistance Quick Start. A tool to introduce employers, especially those in new or small businesses, to the compliance assistance resources on OSHA's Web site. Quick Start includes modules for general industry, construction, and Hispanic outreach.
  • Compliance Assistance: Hispanic Employers and Workers Page. This page is designed for English-speaking or bilingual employers with Spanish-speaking employees. It includes a collection of OSHA's compliance assistance resources for Hispanic employers and employees. For OSHA's Spanish-language site, please visit OSHA en Espaľol.
  • eTools. Stand-alone, highly illustrated training tools on a variety of safety and health topics.
  • Safety and Health Topics Pages. Over 200 pages on various industries and hazards, such as ergonomics, emergency preparedness, and workplace violence.╩

If you have questions after completing your Web search, there are several ways that you can contact OSHA. You can call OSHA's toll-free number at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742), submit an e-mail question through OSHA's electronic mail form, or contact your local OSHA Area Office. For an official OSHA response, you'll need to submit your question in writing to: U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 200 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC 20210.

This article provided by the U.S. Department of Labor Alliance Program.


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