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Safety Systems & Safety Monitoring Relays

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Safety Interlock Switches

Safety Relay
Safety Relays Ensure Control Reliability
Control reliability is mandated in U.S. and European standards for safety implemented circuits. These criteria can be met by using redundant safety-rated device outputs in conjunction with a safety relay.

Safety relays range in function from stop motion detection to 2 -hand palm button control, to dual channel input units with time-delayed outputs that provide conformity to ANSI B11.19, Section 5.1.

All safety relays carry the CE mark and are UL and C-UL listed.
Product Names

G9S Series (Fixed Terminals)


G9S Modular Safety Systems

G9SX Safety Relay Unit

G9SX-GS Safety Guard Switching Unit

G9SX-LM Low-speed monitoring Unit

G9SX-SM Standstill Monitoring Unit

1000 Series (Fixed Terminals)

SR101A - Single-Channel Safety Relay

SR103AM - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR104P - Two-Hand Control Safety Relay

SR105E - Safety Expansion Unit

SR106ED - Safety Expansion Unit

SR108AD and SR109AD - Dual Channel Safety Relay

SR120MP - Dual-Channel Multi-Purpose Safety Relay

SR125SMS45 - Stop Motion Sensing Unit

SR131A - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

2000 Series (Removable Terminals)

SR201A - Single-Channel Safety Relay

SR203M and SR203AM - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR208AD and SR209AD - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR223SMT - Safety Module Timer Unit

SR231A - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

Legacy Relays

SR05A - Single-Channel Safety Relay

SR06AM - Dual Channel Universal Safety Relays

SR07P - Two-Hand Control Safety Relay

SR08A- Single-Channel Safety Relays

SR09A - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR10MD - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR11M - Dual-Channel Safety Relays

SR12A - Dual-Channel Safety Relays

SR14A - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR15AD - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR16AM - Dual-Channel Safety Relay


SR102AM - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR121E and SR122E - Safety Expansion Unit

SR126AM - Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay

SR130DD - Dual-Channel Dual-Device Safety Relay

SR202AM - Dual-Channel Safety Relay

SR204P - Two-Hand Control Safety Relay

SR220MP - Dual-Channel Multi-Purpose Safety Monitoring Relay

SR224SMT - Safety Module Timer Unit (Pulse Output)

SR226AM - Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay

SR230DD - Dual-Channel Dual-Device Safety Monitoring Relay

SR107 - Dual Channel Safety Relay

Discontinued Relays and Safety Controllers

F3SX Safety Controller


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