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Position and Speed Indication Designed for the Most Hazardous Environments
Built-in magnetic valve position indicators are available to ensure that a mechanical lock has transferred and the guarded area is secure. If the electrical circuit that carries this indication signal must travel into a hazardous area, intrinsic safety (IS) barriers are also available. Self-contained versions of the magnetic position indicators may be used for valve position indication, zero-speed and motion sensing applications, and door and gate interlocking. Intrinsic safety circuits and flame proof switches are available for all switch types, to complete any process safeguarding system.

Energy Isolation and Interlocking...

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Prosafe Trapped Key Interlocks

Integral Valve Interlocks

Energy Isolation and Lockout According to OSHA
In the United States and much of North America, the requirements for the safeguarding of industrial processes originate with the legislation of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 29 CFR 1910.

Process safeguarding is substantially different than machine safeguarding in its approach and implementation. While, machine safeguarding is concerned with the safety of human access to machinery in operation, process safeguarding is concerned with the safety of machinery and industrial processes during periods of service and maintenance.

Trapped Key Interlock Systems Control Lockout Safety
A sophisticated approach to "lock-out" is the use of trapped key interlocks. Trapped key systems provide the professional engineer and safety manager with the opportunity to design into a process or machine a shut-down and start-up sequence. Using a sequential key exchange system a machine or process must be brought to a safe condition, before access to any potentially hazardous areas is permitted. The process or machine itself is also protected from incorrect shut-down procedures, helping to reduce costly repairs, downtime, and environmental violations. The maintenance lockout procedure, as documented by the plant safety director, is built into the process itself.

Safeguarding a Hazardous Location... No Problem
The Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. line of process safeguarding products extends to hazardous locations, or flammable environments, as well. An advantage of mechanical trapped key systems is that they can be designed to isolate all electrical energy sources in and around hazardous areas. With key exchange system and mechanical locks, the energy can be isolated in a "safe area" and the key transferred to a mechanical lock in the "hazardous area."

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