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Global Solutions, Local Support:
Omron STI has a network of local support personnel ready to assist with your machine safety needs. This network consists of Territory Area Managers, Area Safety Sales Engineers and our Automation Safety Partner (ASP) distribution network.

Omron STI Area Safety Sales Engineers (ASE) and Area Managers
These employees are trained on Omron STI safety products and their applications.

They understand the operation, use, and application of safety devices and the interpretation of the regulatory and industry consensus standards for machine safety. The ASE is assigned a small geographical territory to provide product sales, service, training, and support to the Omron STI Major Account Customer.
Automation Safety Partner Distributors (ASP)
An Omron STI ASP distributor is authorized to sell safety products. The ASP distributor has demonstrated a commitment to machine safety training and customer service. All Omron STI ASP-level distributors are required to have a machine safety specialist on staff for local customer support. These specialists are required to complete Basic and Advanced machine safety device training at the Omron STI factory. This training includes proper selection and application of safety devices.

Did you know OSTI has a Maintenance & Repair Services Division in Southern California?

By phone, by email, by internet or in person - however, wherever, whenever you need it - Omron STI has the answers

Omron STI offers a comprehensive array of machine and process safeguarding resources:

Account Team
Omron STI Major Account Managers work with Corporate EH&S Directors in the coordination and implementation of machine process safeguarding risk reduction strategies. They will help to create and facilitate a process for success in bringing machines into compliance with applicable standards.
Risk Assessment Team
Trained and experienced at conducting machine safeguarding assessments, the Omron STI team of assessors know the applicable guarding standards, safety devices, safety device applications, safetyrelated control system requirements as well as the machines. They will assess the machine and its uses to determine the risk level, then create a risk reduction strategy for compliance and productivity.
On-Call Application Engineers
Omron STI has factory application engineers stationed on the east and west coasts to provide no charge technical and application support for its safety products.

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Our website is a complete repository of machine guarding information covering products, applications, engineering issues and much more.
Custom Websites
Omron STI will create a custom safety website tailored to your machine safety needs. The typical site will include:

safety training presentations
safety device application information
safety standards information
safety device CAD drawings
safety services information
local, regional, national and international contact information

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Supporting Each of Your Plant Locations

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