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Who is Omron STI?
With over 30 years of experience in industrial machine safeguarding and is the leading resource for machine and process safeguarding services.

Omron STI provides all necessary machine safeguarding services, including:

employee education
machine guarding assessment
risk level identification
risk reduction planning and documentation
review of safety system and circuit designs
safety product sourcing
placement and installation
complete safety system integration
user training
project management

And the award goes to...
Based on recent analysis of the machine safety market, Omron STI received the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas of leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research.

According to Frost & Sullivan, "Omron STI's synergistic capability to provide automation solutions along with machine safety makes them the most preferred partner amidst competitors. Customers have experienced the added advantage of relying on a onestop shop solution provider, which helps them choose products that suit their needs and improve their overall process safety and efficiency."

What our customers think...
"Creating Safe Workplaces" by Jim Wille, excerpted from EHS Today
Most companies in the United States are extremely sensitive about maintaining the safest possible working environment in their plants or mills, and managers are serious about enforcing rules and policies that protect the health and safety of all employees.

In fact, comments made by spokespersons of companies such as Alcoa, Tyco and United Technologies indicate that safety comes before productivity and quality. They believe that without a safe workplace, production, quality and financial performance goals are not likely met or sustained.

"Alcoa wants its employees and contractors to be able to work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment," says Jeff Shockey, Alcoa's director of safety and regional services.

According to Shockey, the following are the four main activities undertaken in support of Alcoa's safety system:

Assessing the risks, aspects and impacts associated with our products, services and operations
Developing and implementing operational controls with built-in layers of protection
Monitoring and maintaining the risk assessment, controls and implementation to ensure they are current and effective
Reacting to correct gaps in our protective systems and continuously improve system stability

The field was narrowed to three prospective providers for a final interview. The providers were pre-qualified based on their safety performance, customer feedback, staff capabilities and preliminary interviews and discussions.

As a result, Omron STI was selected as one of Alcoa's machine guarding providers.

According to Shockey, Omron STI offered:

Standardized work methods for conducting the gap assessment. He cited the overall quality of the risk assessment and the clarity of the report as well
The ability to provide cost-effective and practical solutions by listening to and involving machine operators and maintenance personnel as needed
Competitive pricing and quality of workmanship
A willingness to be a full-service partner by supporting training and other needs
Quick response time by upper management in the rare case when an issue arises

Did you know OSTI has a Maintenance & Repair Services Division in Southern California?

Outside Expertise
The EHS professionals often need to look outside their own organization when peaks in the EHS-related workload exceed internal capacity, or the technical expertise is so complex that it is difficult to maintain in-house proficiency. In order to service plants quickly and efficiently, Alcoa complements the efforts of their full-time health and safety professionals with the expertise of highly specialized external providers.

Finding a Machine Guarding Solution
Such was the case when Alcoa went looking for a machine guarding provider. Alcoa Global Business Services evaluated 10 to 15 companies, giving each a standard package of five or six machines to quote during an online bidding event that also included ranking the prospective providers' capabilities in risk assessment, design, engineering, materials and hardware, fabrication, installation and guarding methodology.

Why You Should Partner with Omron STI?

The expertise required in all phases of the safeguarding process is not a core competency of most manufacturers. Their engineering and maintenance personnel are too busy to get involved with required details of guarding systems and safety interfaces.

Omron STI employees serve as active members or chairmen on more than 20 domestic and international standards committees relating to machine safeguarding issues. This level of involvement and investment of time assures we keep current on all the latest updates to these standards. And we pass our knowledge on to you!

The best part of partnering with Omron STI is your peace of mind knowing that...

your machines or process lines are safeguarded correctly to the current standards
you are 100% compliant -- nothing less
you have documented risk level identification and a risk reduction strategy
your machine operators are fully and professionally trained on the safety systems installed
you are saving money because machine safety improvements only need to be done once

Provider versus Partner
Omron STI is more than a provider, it is a partner. Alcoa Safety and Health Services and Omron STI jointly teach a course on machine safeguarding.

Omron STI's philosophy is that as a provider/partner, it should develop a close working relationship with the Alcoa personnel who operate and service the equipment. Communicating with the employees on the production floor at the beginning of the program and securing their input and participation was a key factor when implementing machine safeguarding and countermeasures.

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