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Engineering and Design: Implementing Integrated Safety

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Turn-Key Safeguard Integration
Omron STI specializes in the installation of safeguarding systems in a wide variety of industries and applications including industrial fabrication equipment, manufacturing systems and robot cells for compliance with applicable safety standards. Our service includes an on-site project manager to monitor quality and ensure that the safety measures are applied properly. Expert installers fabricate custom guards and our trained electricians ensure that the requirements for safety circuitry are met. The integration team will train plant personnel on the care and use of the safeguarding systems.

Integration services are quoted based on findings and recommendations in an Omron STI safeguarding assessment and risk reduction report.
Machine Safeguarding Evaluation / Risk Level Identification / Risk Reduction
Omron STI performs detailed risk level identification services including risk reduction recommendations in accordance with recognized standards to bring machines or process lines into compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and specific ANSI, RIA, NFPA, NEC, CSA, EN, IEC, and ISO standards. During the process, our professionals will inspect perimeter, point-of-operation, and power transmission guarding in addition to power isolation, including pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical lockout.

Our detailed report will provide you with:

the initial risk level
written recommendations for compliance
safeguarding and safety circuit requirements based on risk level
emergency stop requirements (if applicable)
a plan view drawing of the equipment identifying recommended protective measures
the estimated risk level achieved after all recommended safeguards are properly installed
an estimated cost to properly safeguard the machine(s) or process line(s) on a turn-key basis
Safety System Interface Engineering and Design
Omron STI will engineer the required safeguarding system based on our assessment. Our engineers will design control circuitry and a guarding strategy appropriate to the identified risk level.

This will include applicable interface schematics and a bill of materials. This offering works best when a facility has trained maintenance personnel that will be installing the safeguards.

Omron STI specializes in the installation of safeguarding systems in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Machine or Process Safety Consulting
These services can include several machine safety consulting functions. Examples include:

a review of current safety system and interface drawings for compliance
perform safe mounting distance calculations for presence sensing safeguard devices
writing or reviewing of company safety standards for compliance with current safeguarding standards

Safety Project Engineering/ Design
After complete risk level identification, any gaps in compliance need to be filled.

We can engineer and design the required safeguards and provide you with the materials and components necessary to complete the project yourself. Our engineers will design safety-rated control circuits as required and provide engineering documentation to meet your needs.

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