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Are you looking for support to help you improve machine safety? Omron STI has a number of machine safeguarding resources to help you create a safer, more productive plant, including:

OSHA Walkthrough
OSHA Walkthrough is a safety and health training software program. Omron STI has joined forces with eMedia Solutions to sponsor their Safety Animated Machine (S.A.M.™) - an interactive CD produced by a team of experts that makes learning about OSHA regulations efficient and memorable. More than ten hours of safety and health training will help manufacturers reduce workplace injuries, lower training costs, improve safety systems, and prepare for an inspection.

Gotcha Stick
Based on regulatory data, Omron STI developed the Gotcha Stick safe distance measurement tool.

This free tool is a quick and easy way to verify the safe mounting distance of fixed guards with gaps or openings.

It includes both metric and English measurements, and its folding design makes it easy to carry.

Safety and Sandwiches
Omron STI offers free, on-site safety product and application training. We call the program "Safety and Sandwiches" because the sessions are scheduled during the lunch break at your facility.

The sessions are tailored for plant safety, maintenance and engineering personnel and provide a better understanding of available machine guarding technology, requirements, and proper application.

Your Omron STI Area Safety Sales Engineer (ASE) will conduct the training.

The Omron STI ASE is trained on the operation, and application of many safety devices and the interpretation of the applicable regulatory and industry standards.
The following is a sample of Safety and Sandwiches topics:

Applications and Proper Use of Safety Light Curtains
Proper Use and Selection of Monitoring Safety Relays
Application of Safety Interlocks
Overview of the Safety PLC
Selection and use of Safety Mats and Mat Controllers
Applications for Safety Contact Strips, Bumpers and Edges
Requirements and Uses for E-stops and Rope-Pulls
Use of Safety Area Laser Scanners
Safety Circuit Requirements Based on Risk Level

Schedule a Skill Builder

Did you know OSTI has a Machinery Maintenance & Repair Services Division in Southern California?

Skill Builder Training

A complete description of this in-depth program is presented on Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Seminar.

Schedule a Skill Builder

Guest Speaker Program
Need a guest speaker at your upcoming safety conference?

Omron STI has experienced personnel specifically-trained as guest speakers for regional, national and global safety conferences. These guest speaker appearances are aimed at compliance issues and not products. Omron STI understands that this is a training venue and not a sales presentation. The only cost to you is our travel expenses.

Omron STI guest presentations range from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the subject. Some of the topics that Omron STI has recently presented at conferences of 20 to 200 attendees include:

Understanding the Requirements of the Latest Global Robot Safety Standards
Control Reliability and Safety Circuit Performance
Category 1, 2, 3, and 4 Safety Circuit Requirements
Requirements and Benefits of Performing a Risk Assessment
Requirements of the Machine Safety Related Control System Based on Risk Level
The Importance of Risk Assessment in Determining the Proper Safety Related Control System
The Primary Challenges of Machine Safeguarding

Schedule a Guest Speaker

Omron STI has a number of machine safeguarding resources to help you create a safer, more productive plant.

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