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Due to economic conditions, many companies are downsizing and consolidating. They are getting lean and keen. This can mean plant or facility consolidation and asset relocation.

There are a few key questions that need to be asked and answered before relocating production equipment:

How many machines should be relocated?
What are the decision criteria to select one machine over another?

Typically, the following are considered:

1. Machine production rates

2. Machine uses - how versatile is the machine

3. Reliability and maintainability of the machine

4. Machine compliance with the federal and local safety requirements. If the machines are not compliant, what is needed?

5. Cost to bring machines into compliance

Plant production and maintenance personnel can provide answers and rating scores for the first three criteria. The remainder are best left for machine safety experts to answer.

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Machine Safety Assessment:

Are your machines compliant?

Following a defined process, a machine safety expert would provide answers to these questions by:

1. Assessing all machines that may qualify for relocation based on the company's scores to the first 3 questions.

2. Assessing all qualified machines relative to the regualtions of the destination country.

3. Creating an assessment report that will aid the company in the decision process.

The report should include the following:

List of applicable safety standards or regulations reviewed and considered during the assessment
Overview of the assessment process and method used to determine the risk level for each machine
Explanation of the risk reduction requirements that should be applied based on risk level
Machine identification (manufacturer, type, model number, serial number, asset number, location, etc)
Description of the hazards associated with the machine
Risk reduction performance requirements to achieve compliance
Safety-related control system (safety circuits) performance requirements to achieve compliance based on the risk level for the machine
Residual risk level for the machine if the recommended safeguarding measures are installed in accordance with all applicable regulations and standards (estimated risk level after guarding using the assessor's detailed recommendations)
Risk reduction (safeguarding) recommendations with detailed written information covering the type and location of the safeguarding measures recommended and a description of how they will be applied to reduce the risk to a tolerable level of risk
A drawing of the guarding concept and approximate location of the guards and safety devices on the machine
Corrective action prioritization score for each machine assessed to establish relocation priorities. Typically, a lower corrective action prioritization score is comparable to a lower cost to bring the machine into compliance. If six like machines are qualified for the relocation, but only two are actually going to be relocated, selecting the two with the lowest corrective action score will most likely be the least costly to bring into compliance
And finally, the estimated cost to bring each machine into compliance

While all components in the report are important, two are key for making the decision on which machines should stay or go - the corrective action score and corrective action costs. Remember, selecting the machines with the lowest corrective action score will save yo-money. With this information, management can make a well informed decision in minutes instead of weeks or even months. They are ensured of selecting the most cost effective solution every time.

The cost for this type of machine safeguarding relocation assessment should average $250.00 to 350.00 per machine being assessed, not including travel and related expenses.

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