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Assisting the EH&S Professional to Assure a Safe Environment

You Organizations and EH&S personnel are under increasing pressure to improve performance and reduce costs, while having to prove compliance with complex and ever changing environmental, health and safety regulations. EH&S personnel are faced with creating plans, procedures, training, analysis/evaluations, reports and documentation to ensure compliance with the standards and regulations. The EH&S manager is simply stretched too thin. There are tools available to help with some of these tasks, such as: training videos and software programs that create EH&S reports or safety procedures. These tools help the trained EH&S professional successfully perform these duties.

But what happens when something is out of compliance, or the tools simply are not available to determine whether or not standards and regulations are being satisfied? At this point the EH&S manager needs help - not only to determine if the machine or process is in compliance, but to bring the non-compliant items into conformity with the appropriate
standards and regulations.

Consider the questions that arise from OSHA and ANSI standards related to machine safeguarding. A machine or process line may have safeguards installed - but are they installed correctly? Are they interfaced correctly? Are they the right guards to ensure maximum safety for the application - without sacrificing productivity? The answers require a thorough knowledge of the applicable standards, as well as understanding of the latest in guarding technologies and the application and its required safety interface based on the assessed risk level. This is often an unrealistic expectation for the EH&S professional who is already overburdened with day-to-day responsibilities. The EH&S professionals need a partner they can count on to ensure compliance with machine and process safety requirements.

Omron STI offers this unique service. It is designed to help the Corporate EH&S manager accomplish his/her mission of documented compliance with the applicable machine guarding standards. This type of service is not a core competency of manufacturers, but it is the driving force behind everything we do. Omron STI provides comprehensive machine safety services, including documented safeguarding assessments, risk level identification, risk reduction surveys, safety system design and review, safety engineering, complete turn-key safety system integration, machine safety training, and the creation of corporate machine safety standards. All designed to help the EH&S person achieve their machine and process safety objectives.

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