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We offer Technical Support, Customer Care and Repair services. Details of these services are outlined on the left side of this page.

Telephone Service Hours are
8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time
In the United States please call:

In Canada please call:

In Mexico and South America please call

For all other countries please call

Emergency 24/7 Technical Support Line:
After hours service is available for basic technical support for Omron products. A product support specialist will answer your call within 30 minutes to assist you.

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Address Information

6550 Dumbarton Circle
Fremont, CA 94555

Omron STI Machine Services Incorporated
4545 East La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807

Omron Automation & Safety
The Americas Headquarters
2895 Greenspoint Parkway, Suite 200
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

STI Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. is a California based provider of automation safeguarding products and services. Omron STI safety products and integration services are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots in a wide variety of applications and markets, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, electronics manufacturing, packaging and consumer goods.

At Omron STI we take pride in knowing that the products we design, manufacture, and market keep our customers safe from harm and, at the same time, make them as productive as possible. As part of one of the world's largest industrial automation companies, Omron STI supplies products to Omron affiliated companies and customers around the globe.

Customer Care
Omron's Customer Care Team provides support and expertise to assist you in the selection, ordering and delivery of Omron products and services. In addition, they provide general information and can guide you to the right person who can provide the information that you need.

Services include:

General inquiries
Basic part number and ordering information
Order entry, expediting, and product delivery
Product returns & replacements
Literature requests
Sales and distribution contacts
Omron company information and locations

Technical Support
Our support services are available when you need them to provide the Omron product support and information that you require to keep your business moving forward.

Our Technical Services group provides Technical Support, Application Assistance and Product Selection Assistance. Troubleshooting support is free to our customers during normal business hours. If additional support services are required, our support staff can provide additional service options to support your specific situation.

Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff can also provide guidance on advanced support and engineering assistance to customers who require more than standard support for their Omron products. Emergency 24/7 Technical Support Line: 1-800-367-4584 After hours service is available for basic technical support for Omron products. A product support specialist will answer your call within 30 minutes to assist you.

Omron Product Repair Services: Minimize Your Downtime
Omron performs fast, warranty and non-warranty repairs of Omron Industrial Automation and Safety products.

This is why you can rely on our service:

Well trained technicians, the latest technologies and a high level of quality
Three repair-services available: - Expedited Emergency (repair within 2 business days)
Rush (repair within 3-5 business days) - Standard (repair within 10 working days)
Totally free repair service for products under warranty as given by Omron
Fixed repair price for products where the warranty period has expired
Repaired products receive a 1-year warranty on repaired unit, valid from the repair date at the Omron Repair Center.

For More Information contact your Authorized distributor or customer service.

Further important information: Content of the repair-services are subject to change at anytime, without prior notification.

Tech Support & Customer Care
800-556-6766 (USA)
866-986-6766 (Canada)
847-843-7900 (Latin America)
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