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Data Sheets

Data Sheet & Ordering Info.

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Installation Manuals

G9SA Installation Manual

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CAD Drawings

3D CAD Drawing

2D CAD Drawing

Product Certifications

For your convenience we have combined all appropriate product certificates (BG; TUV; CSA; UL; and Declaration of Conformity) in a single PDF file.

Product Certifications

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Most Popular Models

The following models are readily available for shipment today or at least within 3 days. Please consider these for all new applications.
STI Model No. P/N Description
G9SA-301 AC/DC24 11054-0001 G9SA-301 AC/DC24, 3NO+1NC, 45mm, E-stop control
G9SA-501 AC/DC24 11054-0002 G9SA-501 AC/DC24, 5NO+1NC, 45mm, E-stop control
G9SA-321-T075 AC/DC24 11054-0003 G9SA-321-T075 AC/DC24, 3NO immediate, 2NO delayed, 7.5 sec.
G9SA-321-T15 AC/DC24 11054-0004 G9SA-321-T15 AC/DC24, 3NO immediate, 2NO delayed, 15 sec.
G9SA-321-T30 AC/DC24 11054-0005 G9SA-321-T30 AC/DC24, 3NO immediate, 2NO delayed, 30 sec.
G9SA-EX031-T075 11054-0008 G9SA-EX031-T075, 3NO+1NC, exp module, 45mm, 7.5 sec
G9SA-EX031-T15 11054-0009 G9SA-EX031-T15, 3NO+1NC, exp module, 45mm, 15 sec
G9SA-EX031-T30 11054-0010 G9SA-EX031-T30, 3NO+1NC, exp module, 45mm, 30 sec
G9SA-301 AC100-240 11054-0012 G9SA-301 AC100-240, 3NO+1NC, 45mm, E-stop control
G9SA-TH301 AC100-240 11054-0017 G9SA-TH301 AC100-240, 3NO+1NC, two hand controller, 45mm

Flexible Safety Unit

Safety category 4; Category 3 for OFF-delay contact
Meets Standards
EN60204-1; EN954-1; UL508; CSA C22.2 No.14

Four kinds of 45-mm wide units are available:
A 3-pole model, a 5-pole model, and models with 3 poles and 2 OFF-delay poles, as well as a two-hand controller.
Also available are 17.5 mm wide expansion units with 3 poles and 3 OFF-delay poles
Simple expansion connection
OFF-delay models have 15-step OFF-delay settings
Conforms to EN standards (BG approval)
Both DIN track mounting and screw mounting are possible

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