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8 Reasons to Join Omron STI

1. We keep people productive and safe. At Omron STI we take pride in knowing that the products we design, manufacture, and market keep our customers safe from harm and, at the same time, make them as productive as possible. It's challenging, interesting work and we hope you're up for it.

2. Our employees are the best! Our friendly, collegial environment fosters cooperation and teamwork. We truly enjoy working with each other.

3. Situated in Fremont, California, Omron STI is an easy commute from the San Francisco peninsula and the South or East Bay region. Near the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge and Coyote Hills Regional Park, lunch time activities (walk, run, bike, picnic) aren't far away.

4. Be a member of an international team. As part of one of the world's largest industrial automation companies, Omron STI supplies products to Omron affiliated companies around the globe.

5. Support US manufacturing - both the products we make and our customers are helping keep manufacturing in the United States strong.

6. We're family friendly. At Omron STI, we work hard, but also know that you need time away from work to recharge your batteries and be with those you love.

7. Join a company with a 40-year history of excellence. Founded in 1972 as STI, and with a history of providing innovative products and solutions for industrial automation safeguarding, Omron STI will be here tomorrow to provide support for the next generation of manufacturing companies.

8. Rest easy at night knowing that your efforts and those of your Omron STI colleagues have saved someone from being injured today and they were able to go home to their family that night.

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