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Featured OEM Products

G9SP - Software-Driven Safety Controllers Deliver Flexible, Cost-Effective Safety Control for Small to Mid-Size Machinery

Benefits to OEMs:

Simple to program and reconfigure to satisfy evolving application needs
Combine with PLC for a complete control solution
Versatile functionality covers many applications
Easy to clone machine programs (memory card)
Bundled kits available (customized for each machine)
Simplified wiring and installation (vs. Safety Relay Unit)

F3SJ-E and F3SJ-B - Safety Light Curtains Offer Simple, Effective, Affordable Hand Protection... Perfect for Point-of-Operation Guarding on Small Machines

Benefits to OEMs:

Simple guarding functions make them very cost effective and easy to install
Faster mounting/installation (vs. other safety light curtains)
Bundled kits available (customized for each machine)

OS32C - The World's Most Compact Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner Provides Even More Versatility and Improves Productivity

Benefits to OEMs:

Multiple resolutions, an updated configuration tool and other enhancements increase usability and significantly reduce programming time
Versatile functionality for many applications
Easy to replace (memory module)
Fast and easy diagnostics with Individual Sector Indicators and LED indicators

D4SL-N - A Very Compact 6-contact Guard Lock Safety Door Switch

Benefits to OEMs:

Combines simple and flexible installation with robust operation to satisfy the safety needs of today's door access applications
Integral cable connector version for easy field replacement
Extra wide actuator slot for small radius doors
Actuator slot can be reoriented without removing the switch head
Monitoring status for lock/unlock and door open/closed

D40Z- Compact, Non-Contact Interlock Switch Delivers Category 4 Safety Protection

Benefits to OEMs:

ISO 13849-1 compliance enables use in a wide range of higher risk level applications
Compact size allows OEMs to standardize across machine designs
Up to 15 switches may be connected to a G9SP safety controller and maintain Cat 4/Ple
Easy troubleshooting with the switch's two-color diagnostic LED display patterns
Photocoupler monitor output connects to PLC (NPN type)

Testing and Evaluation is Easy through our OEM Partnership Program
Think of all the time and hassle spent tracking down the right test & evaluation unit, filling out paperwork, waiting for credit reports, and hoping for favorable test results. Omron STI can expedite the entire test & evaluation process by getting the best product for your application into your engineer's hands for evaluation fast and free - all with a simple phone call or email. When you partner with Omron STI, you not only benefit with the speed and convenience of getting the proper machine safeguarding, you'll also get peace of mind knowing that your machine design will be safeguarded correctly to all current standards and will be 100% compliant - nothing less.

For more information, on Omron STI's OEM Partnership Program, please click here.

Learn the Technology Quickly through On-Site Training
Omron STI offers free, on-site safety product
and application training. We call the program
"Safety and Sandwiches" because the sessions
are scheduled during the lunch break at your
facility. The sessions are tailored for plant safety,
maintenance and engineering personnel and
provide a better understanding of available
machine guarding technology, requirements, and
proper application. Your Omron STI Area Safety
Sales Engineer (ASE) will conduct the training.


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